I am predominantly a wood carver and have been for most of my sculpture career. Over time my sculptures have echoed many images, but have always resonated with the attributes of wood. Each sculpture is a sketch of a moment in time and space and the life of the tree. My sculptures are carved directly from whole or laminated healthy native wood, or are constructed from carved parts. I carve with gouges and a drawshave, as well as with a chain saw, depending on the desired surface and quality of image. I am interested in the impact that place and materials have on my sculpture.

My attention to form has been consistent, describing both object and space, and thus creating a foundation upon which a narrative can be built. I use abstracted narrative, both subtly and overtly, to emphasize my interest in humans and their relationships. The act of the hand in carving seems to enrich the voice of the storyteller—creating images to evoke personal thoughts and memories for each viewer.

All photos by Luc Demers